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“Well, when he is home for three or four days at a stretch, they are really nice and pretty much make up for the time when he has to be away. ”There are however, some frustrations and joys that come with the lifestyle but people never seem to see why plans for time together cannot be made a month or two in advance.

They have plenty of notice and can perhaps plan to get off to Paris for shopping in the weekend once in a while!

These are difficult times because the pay is very low for new pilots.When kids come along, the pilots basically stay grounded.They know they come home to lovely kids and wife, and not many men will want to throw that away.Most of my hubby's friends are decent family men, tho in earlier days they liked the attention given to them when girls found out that they are pilots.But u see, the level-headed guys know why these girls like them, as compared to why their wives like them (assuming their wives had met them before they became pilots).

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I know its tough sometimes to get back from a long trip and want to do your own things but you really need to make sure you take some time and spend it with your wife.

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