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It was well cast with some veteran sageuk actors and newcomers to the genre.The lead actress Hyeon-jin Seo and actress Woo Seo were spectacular and nuanced in their performance. The story did not drag on as some other dramas of this genre-the wars were short and the torture scenes were brief.

@aa,i agree with Livia, King's Daughter is much more interesting compared to empress Ki,i enjoyed every episodes,out of 108 episodes none of them are boring,did you ever watch this drama before commenting ?? I hope to see more drama like this especially more of Jo hyunjae :) Until Solan discover her true identity, the story is great..This drama has many filler parts, jeon tae soo (jin mo) 's character and acting is so bad, this drama is about Baekje, but they use Joseon palaces, Director can't do his best and the characters have so many mistakes, I have seen both dramas but it seems you have not watching Empress Ki!How can you compare Ha Ji Won's acting to Seo Hyun Jin or Seo Woo??!!They had one of the best romances in Korean dramas.Scenes between Seol-Nan and Myung Nong were funny, sweet and sad at the same time. Probably the best Korean historical drama since Jumong. Such a WONDEFUL epic love story (",) Although it was quite tiring to watch because some unimportant scenes were over stretch and some unnecessary part should have been edited plus the too many flash back scenes, it was PERFECT !!! What is the root that they are eating, especially the last episode?

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