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(Note that this is not the same as the people who think all projects should obviously be using their favorite license and any projects that aren't have made a tragic mistake.

This can include things like setting up network drives and printers, Horizon Smart Policies to control various Horizon features, and acting as a Group Policy replacement for per-user settings.

In the long run I should set up an EFI boot environment on it as well, but that can definitely wait until I have UEFI booting working in general.

I'll also need to worry about keeping at least in sync between the two copies.

Yes, technically I might be able to get away with it with the right choice of software RAID superblock, but no, I'm not even going to try to go there.) I gave in to the temptation of some bait from a co-worker on Twitter, and it turns out that the conversation has made me want to say a couple of things. There's a not uncommon attitude among (some) people that other people are too religiously attached to various open source licenses and should get over it.

So what if you don't like the specific license some project opted for?

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Other people do care, and these people are not wrong.

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