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Date dating fourth

As a girl, it’s easy to date a guy a few times and sum it up: “He’s cool. Maybe he’s traveling a lot for work, having family issues or just dating around and not giving any of the girls he’s dating second thoughts. You don’t have to get crazy and hoard dates, but try not to invest all your energy into this one guy who might disappear on you in two weeks without an explanation.He stays in the present and enjoys the time together, but it doesn’t last after your short rendezvous. They say when it rains, it pours -- sometimes, that can refer to men! It’s like taxi cab confessions, but I take a little more stock in my drivers' responses because sometimes, they offer some sage advice or a different perspective.

Maybe you were subconsciously giving him body language that you weren’t interested and he picked up on it.For someone who thinks straight men are just not that great of actors, it’s very black and white.These are concrete examples that exhibit a man's interest or lack thereof; these basic actions translate to interest or farewell.When he sees you're not waiting at his beck and call, it will be even more alluring that you aren’t depending on him solely for your happiness.He can see himself engaging in these fun activities with you, and only you.

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