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I lived in a cave for 5 years in a world where they killed my kind like cattle.

Welcome dinner at the Radisson Royal Hotel (Hotel Ukraina) with Professor Aida Gadzhigoroeva and Dr. The luxury hotel in Moscow city centre was originally commissioned by Joseph Stalin, and was designed by the leading Soviet experts on steel-framed highrise construction.

After reading Arthur Schopenhauer's “The World as Will and Representation”, Tolstoy became converted to the ascetic morality upheld in that work as the proper spiritual path for the upper classes.

Farewell dinner at Restaurant “White Rabbit” Moscow (The World’s 50 Best Restaurants) with (from left to right): Dr.

In fact, the proximate structural arrangement of the scalp and hair leads to an interdependent relationship between the two.” [sic]The Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji) is a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto.

The hair care industry is equally capable of delivering active compounds directed toward meeting the consumer demand for maintenance of hair cosmesis and quality.

It is the second tallest of the neoclassical Stalin-era "Seven Sisters", and was the tallest hotel in the world at the time of its construction (1957). Guide to Successful Management of Alopecia and Related Conditions” at the IX.

It also houses about 1,200 original paintings by the most prominent Russian artists of the first half of the 20Professor Trüeb giving lecture on “The Difficult Hair Loss Patient (Taking the Challenge)” with Russian interpreter and signing book copies on the occasion of the launch of Russian translation of respective textbook with Springer Scientific Publications “Ralph M. Annual Conference of the Association of Professional Society of Trichologists in Moscow.

]At the Bolshoi Theater with Professor Aida Gadzhigoroeva for premiere of ballet “Nurejev”.

The controversial ballet about the Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev (1938-1993) who defected the Soviet Union in 1961 and died of AIDS-related complications in France in 1993 finally had its premiere on the stage of the Bolshoi theatre, despite being pulled from the schedule at the last minute in July, and its director Kirill Serebrennikov placed under house arrest.

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“I think…if it is true there are as many minds as there are heads, then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts.” [Leo Tolstoy, in: Anna Karenina]Bronze portrait of Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) by Paolo Troubetzkoy from State Tretyakov Callery, exhibited at Alexander Pushkin Museum.

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