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Dc diva dating adventures

Ironically, I found football because my little sister’s roommate Porchia played for the Carolina Phoenix and they came to MD to play the Baltimore Nighthawks in 2012. They responded, and that was my home for two seasons.

Up until then I had no idea her roommate played REAL football and just thought it was some touch league or something, but when I showed up . By my 2 season I led the league in rushing and was the only RB to break 1,000 rushing yards in a season that year.

My first coach in Baltimore asked me if I could actually hit someone…because he could not picture it. Playing football shows my daughter and other girls that they can do ANYTHING they want, whether it’s a being a boxer, the CEO of a company or the President of the United States.

It shows my son that women are strong and can do anything that men can do.

I found out there was a women’s league after I was in my 30s and after I had kids ☹ Better late than never…I hit the ground running and haven’t looked back!

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I can go fast, get dirty, knock people on the ground & yell in their faces, and hit people…AND IT’s OK!!! My coworkers never believe I play because they say I am so soft spoken in the office and always smiling.She is the little mommy in charge when I am not around. They both love their mom and I am equally in love with the two of them.How can I not smile when I get to wake up to them on a daily basis?!?!Definitely made me into the strong woman and amazing mother I am today.I have 2 beautiful children who keep me motivated and make me work a little harder every day.

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Between Basketball leagues, Lacrosse leagues and now football they have been on the sidelines watching mommy since they were babies in their baby carrier seats.