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The liturgical year always begins on the Sunday that falls between November 27 and December 3, and ends on December 24.The advent period comprises approximately four weeks and always has 4 Sundays, while the total number of weekdays range from 22 to 27.- LAPIN AND LAPIN, AN ADVENT CALENDAR FROM TASHA TUDOR, Chicago, Rand Mc Nally & Company, 1978, 11" x 25 1/2". In the left hand corner is the message “Trenne nach Weihnachten das Kalender-Rückblatt ab, es zeigt noch etwas Schönes” (after Christmas, if you remove the back page you will see something lovely). Under the doors are designs of toys made in the Erzgebirge area, famous for the production of wooden toys. As it is made in the same way and similar design as calendar A1, I presume it is also of the 1935 period together with calendar no. A26 Advent calendar with angels decorating an advent wreath. Sometimes a special book was issued together with the calendar, but I have never seen one for this advent calendar. 27.5.48” (*) and on the right “Entwurf: Gesellschaft Graphic & Kunst”. Jens Ingvordsen, curator Den Gamle By museum, Denmark: A44 Advent calendar with Hansel and Gretel and the gingerbread house. Advent calendar, designed by Fritz Baumgarten (1883-1966), with a Hansel and Gretel scene with the witch and dwarfs around a “lebkuchen” house. Baumgarten’s signature is below right and in the border, left hand side “Leipziger Adventskalender Nr. A49 Advent calendar with Walt Disney’s Pinocchio and Gepetto as main theme, together with other Disney characters, with glitter highlights. Below, in the left hand corner is printed “© WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS No 22 A. A50 Advent calendar in the form of a house, so-called “Adventshaus”, consisting of 4 panels.

Highlighted with glitter and doors numbered from 1 thru 24. Below left is printed “…Graf-Dreyer: Adventskalender A.” and on the right “Gedrukt und verlegt vom Verlag für Volkskunst und Volksbildung, Richard Keutel, Lahr in Baden.” On the back there is the text of the songs by "Frau Graf-Dreyer" for opening each door. Furthermore also nothing to do with the artist of the famous Hummel figurines. A28 Pop-up advent calendar, the front cover with Santa and holly. According to the person I bought this from it is from Michel Verlag Nürnberg and dates from around 1957. Most important publishing houses in Germany were Pittius Publishing House, where Frau Tucholsky worked as manager, Hermann Wolff Publishing House, AFKH - Artur F. Below right is the signature “Lore H.” (Lore Hummel) and in the margin below left is printed “Made in West Germany” and on the right “029”. On each sheet are two lines of a poem and when December 24th is reached, one has learned the complete poem “Weihnachtszeit” by Margit Backhus (1905-1975), drawings are by Maria Hohneck.The Advent (from the Latin word Adventus meaning “coming”) is the period before Christmas, observed in many Western Christian churches.In this period Christians prepare for Christmas and the birth of Jesus.The tradition of advent calendars can be traced back to the 19th century.One of the early practices was to put a chalk mark on a door for each day in December till Christmas Eve.

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