Kingdom episode 27 online dating

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Kingdom episode 27 online dating

He falls in with a conference of local government officers and is mistaken for a speaker from Scotland. Stephen separates Heidi from the group and while flirting with one another she informs Stephen that she is separated from her husband.They embark on a playful swim in the hotel pool which almost turns into sex before Stephen gets a phone call from his hospital. The episode ends with Stephen being told he is a good kisser and Stephen telling Heidi she looks hot.Although he belongs to a religious group and she is an atheist she finds him wholly charming and they return to his flat for afternoon sex.Unfortunately he has omitted to tell Jenny something very important about himself - as she discovers when his wife walks in on them.The episode ends with Erica more forcefully telling her brother she is gay and going for a drink with Callum in a happier mood.Stephen arranges to meet Mia for afternoon sex at an hotel but she rings to say she is not coming.

He gets a call from his hospital to say that he is needed and takes Mia with him, her unexpected kindness to a dying patient leaving him feeling confused.

Tony pays off the restaurant staff to not file any charges against Callum and Callum gets up to leave.

Before he goes he urges Erica to stand up for herself.

She is nonetheless very mature for her age and, having heard David talking about Mia, makes contact with her and eventually takes David to her flat, where Mia and David reconcile. He is a brash, self-opinionated slob who thinks she should fancy him.

However, when she tells him that she is gay and only went on the date to please her brother Tony, who wants to 'turn' her straight he is sympathetic and they get drunk together - so drunk in fact that Callum gets out of hand and Erica calls Tony.

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Jenny, a shy teacher from Rotherham, meets super-confident city trader Nick in a London wine bar.

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