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These come in the form of single door, double door, bottom freezer and side by side door models, each with varying capacities measured in litres.

A detachable pouch on the refrigerator door that provides easy access to frequently used items.Data was last revised on Prices will remain consistent across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune and Mumbai.LG Refrigerator GL-205XFDG5 Price and Features Key Specifications • 5 Star Rating • Work without Stabilizer • Base Stand with Drawer • Fastest Ice Making • Toughened Glass Shelves • Flexible Bottle Rack • Cell Fresh Crisper • Beauty & Care Box • Freeze & Cook Box LG, the leading brand in consumer electronics knows for world class refrigerators that come packed with many exciting features.In contrast to animals with radial symmetry, whose nervous system consists of a distributed network of cells, animals with bilateral symmetry have segregated, defined nervous systems, and thus we can make much more precise statements about their neuroanatomy.In vertebrates, the nervous system is segregated into the internal structure of the brain and spinal cord (together called the central nervous system, or CNS) and the routes of the nerves that connect to the rest of the body (known as the peripheral nervous system, or PNS).

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