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Who wants to talk about how chronic pain kills whatever shred of sex drive is left over after the screwed up hormones demolish it?By the time the pain starts to occasionally diminish, the antibiotics have added a whole new set of problems in the digestive tract.It was horrible to need several to go from sitting to standing. After those I cried about the time I’ve lost to this disease.To need to give myself 10 minutes to get out of bed and shuffle a few feet to the bathroom. It took heroic efforts to get into a car and from the car to a doctor’s office. I cried about the hopelessness of ever getting better. I just hated my body a little less, and that was enough of an opening.I got a big boost from one particular antibiotic: Rocephin. I certainly don’t want to pass them on to anyone else, certainly someone I want to have sex with.Unlike everything else I took, which didn’t make me much better even as it slowly reduced my symptoms, Rocephin had some strange side effects. I’ve read a lot about Lyme Disease and its known and theoretical modes of transmission.

It seems to put the B bergdorferii bacteria into its dormant state during which it doesn’t transfer through body tissue.The take-home message from these two pieces of information is that at a minimum, people with Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses need to assume the pathogens are blood-borne and any sexual contact that involves blood-contact must be avoided.Furthermore, when a person is symptomatic (as in when she is coiling, but maybe not sometimes on antibiotics), she is possibly more contagious.Most of the information is controversial and contradictory.I’ve asked several doctors what they’ve seen in their patients and read in the scientific literature.

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The process that started that night continued in fits and starts for another whole year before I found myself moving towards the relationship I’m in now. Feeling almost no pain for one day, then another day a few weeks later. Having energy some days or part of several days in a row. But, almost miraculously, it ramped up my sex drive. (I assumed it was because I was considering a new relationship after an interminably long dry spell.) Once I stopped the Rocephin (because the other side effects were getting worse and the Lyme symptoms had moved back to my joints) my sex drive diminished within a week. I heard from other female patients that the felt better enough on Rocephin to be interested in sex again. The increased sex drive isn’t listed as a Rocephin side effect. Here’s the best part: even though my increased sex drive only lasted 14 weeks, it gave me hope. I know it doesn’t work this way for everyone, but I do know that some elements of my story are to be found in the healing journeys of other people. Even though I stopped actively hating my body, I’ve been very worried about having all these active infections.