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"Sexual assault is a frightening and overwhelming event, and I think she handled it the best that she could," Dick said."But, I think that my experience was reflective of part of the problem: one cannot expect local franchise owners and managers to know how to handle sexual assault on their own."Of course I wish that this change had happened years ago," Dick told Business Insider."I wish it hadn't necessitated me launching a petition.The company will use an updated background test as well as new policies for reporting and investigating sexual assault.The company is additionally forming the Massage Envy Safety Advisory Council, which will include a representative from RAINN and Dick, who will serve as an advisor to help continue to evaluate the effectiveness of new policies.Massage experts and lawyers quoted in the story blame much of the issue on the company’s business model.Massage Envy is an extremely fast-growing franchise, and because of this, the company is having to constantly fill jobs — sometimes not always with the most qualified people who receive adequate training around misconduct.

"I'll spare you the horrible details of those 90 minutes Massage Envy, but in the end I found myself with a massage therapist's hand around my throat, and then face down with his hand covering my mouth while he violated me," Dick wrote.

Prosecutors said that in January 2015, witnesses saw Turner sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster on campus.

(Monica Akhtar/The Washington Post) (Monica Akhtar/The Washington Post) She’s known in local newspapers as 23-year-old “Emily Doe” — a pseudonym to protect her privacy amid an emotional court battle in which former Stanford University varsity swimmer Brock Allen Turner was found guilty for her sexual assault.

Ingram also helped Pennsylvania representative Pat Meehan introduce the Duty to Report Sexual Assault Act of 2016, a piece of federal legislation that would require spa owners and employees to report sexual-assault allegations to the police.

If the legislation passes, Ingram believes it “will protect women when billion-dollar companies like Massage Envy fail to do the right thing.” Read the full report here.

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Various Massage Envy employees told Buzz Feed they were never taught what to do with sexual-assault allegations, but they were able to recognize that the internal-review policy did not protect clients.

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