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An events organiser may not have permanent access to land but may rent or occupy temporary land for the purpose of camping/caravanning. Exemption licenses are outside the scope of planning permission and in most cases a failed planning application would not prohibit an exemption certificate being issued.However the reason for planning refusal may also apply to the criteria of the club, so you would need to be assessed before we go ahead.The British front to the rest of Europe, it’s a county steeped in history with castles, forts and ruins to visit, as well as a string of pleasant beaches.Our selection of campsites picks out the best places to pitch your tent or park up your caravan, as well as a collection of quirky yet brilliant glamping sites in East Sussex too.

We can offer you 5 all year caravan pitches, unlimited tent camping pitches, unlimited rally pitches and unlimited member only rally pitches for upto 5 days.It also encourages members to camp more, stay longer and return sooner.In addition it promotes recreational camping & caravanning, to people who didn't camp or caravan before.The process is simple, read the information pack and campsite terms and condition, fill out the application form and return it to us or fill in the online form.Once we receive your application, one of our consultants will contact you to discuss the process and what you will need to do before we can certify your site.

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There are a few ways your local authority can prevent an exemption certificate being issue: Yes, we offer 4 individual certificates, 1 for tented camping, 1 for 5 all year caravan pitches, 1 for rallies and 1 for meetings; you can choose which option/s you undertake.

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