Updating proteus vx nitrogen isotope dating

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Updating proteus vx

As a long term lover of Emu Proteus sound I remember how sad I was to lose those sounds when I sold my Proteus 2500, for years I missed that machine and it is no longer available !!

When I found out there was a VST with THE SAME presets as my P2500, I was very happy, and when I found out it was FREE, I had to kick myself !!!

And you realize that it's a simple and fun way to find new sounds.

it was painfull process, because all samples were out of sync, wich means i manualy had to adjust the loops to made them sound right...believe me when i say, i took more than 20 hours doing allways the same thing to make 100 presets, this can be called really an effort, i would like to sample all the content, but it would take more than a week for sure, and i am still trying to known, if there is anyway...

Looking forward to rendering my old P2500 midi sequences now that I have a sound module that contains the original patches I had thought I lost forever !!

Using only the P2500, I wrote the soundtracks to 2 commercial video games, one notably "Maniacal Max: The Maniac With a Cause" - by SD Entertainment.

So it's my conclusion : use it now, and THANK YOU VERY MUCH E-MU, even if we know that such a product is given for free to bring potential new customers to the compagny in the future.

Read more It´s almost shocking that first review on this wonderfull instruments is only few days old.

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Yo, this is a freaking rompler, period, and Emu was pretty hardcore with their software. It comes with the v2 composer bank, which is their general purpose bank from the proteus 2000 and has over 1000 presets.