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Yet even today, more and more business cards in Pyongyang carry e-mail addresses, albeit usually collective ones.A west European businessman says he is astonished by the speed with which his North Korean counterparts respond to his e-mails, leading him to wonder if teams of people are using the same name.So, how you can improve your own chances to find a mate, according to the data?

You might also want to check out these alternatives to traditional dating sites.In this region, known for its casinos, online gambling sites are said to be increasingly active.Last summer the police were reported to have cracked down on several illegal internet cafés which offered something more daring than the average chatting and dating.He said: 'Wired Love anticipates everything we live with in today's online, Iphoned courtship: Assessing whether someone you’ve met online is what they say they are; the misunderstandings of tone and substance that come from communicating in rapid-fire, conversational bursts of text; or even the fact that you might not really be sure of the gender/nationality/species of the person you’re flirting with.'He adds: 'The conversations she and her friends have about her online courtship are utterly wild to read: They have the arch elocutions of Victorian-era America, mixed with concepts that are so thoroughly modern that book feels like it was written this year, by someone merely emulating the language of 1880.'it would make a wonderful play and an even better movie,' adding, 'Nattie leads a double life - her 'online' life and her humdrum normal life.She has her real, 'visible' friends, and this increasingly special 'invisible' friend.

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WIRED recently looked into data from Ok Cupid and to help determine what attributes make people more attractive to online daters.

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